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Introduction to OPEN DAYLIGHT project

Open Daylight project founded by industries leaders to accelerate the SDN and NFV adaption. The Open daylight community is developing a common framework for SDN. The first release of the controller is Hydrogen, which comes in three versions.

Versions of Hydrogen controller are​ Base Edition, Virtualization Edition and Services provider Edition. These different editions target different Market and Function, but all of them have a common Framework.

The controller will be a control plan for southbound virtual or physical switches data plane. The controller programs the data plane devices with protocol plugin like OpenFlow, NETCONF, OVSDB, BGP, SNMP or LISP.

Northbound the controller provide API (REST) for Network applications, orchestration and services. This is very powerful, because it opens the network for the first time to be automated and provision easily from applications.

For additional resources , please check out OPEN DAYLIGHT web site at


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