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Cloud Migration

Migrating enterprise applications to cloud platforms requires a comprehensive strategy, detailed planning and strong technical execution.

Virbius Group provides a broad range of professional services to help businesses migrate their complex applications to cloud platforms. Our team has extensive experience migrating business critical applications such as:

  • Microsoft Exchange

  • Microsoft Active Directory

  • Microsoft SharePoint

  • Microsoft SQL

  • MySQL

  • Apache


Virbius Group provides integration and design of resilienct, low-risk, and high-value solutions to support and adapt to ever-changing conditions while reducing operational costs and increasing productivity.

Virbius has proven experience in:

  • Data Center design and optimization

  • WAN and LAN

  • Wireless Solutions

  • Security Solutions  

Automation and Orchestration

Virbius Group helps businesses adopt agility and accelerate service delivery by automating provisioning of infrastructure components, workloads, and configuration management. Virbius Group engineering services has extensive experience in implementing both open-source and vendor specific solutions. 

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